Monday, January 25, 2010

Cooking Blunders...

What was the first thing that your mom taught you when teaching you about cooking and using recipes?

Well my mom always told me to pull out the recipe and all the ingredients before starting to cook.

I have FAILED at this lesson. Repeatedly. Sigh.

I don't know what it is lately but James has started to pointing out to me how I am always POSITIVE I have everything for a certain recipe I want to make. Be it on the shelves downstairs or somewhere in the fridge or cupboard, I know I have it. Only to find out, I don't.

I denied this fact. A few times to be honest. I claimed forgetfulness. I claimed that I can't remember everything in the cupboards. I claimed I forgot that was needed in the recipe. But honestly, I should have just listened to my mom and read the recipe before starting.

This weekend I did this TWICE.

The second time I was driving to the store I started to laugh. I can't believe how bad I'm getting! Someone tell me Baby Brain lasts for years, because this is my only viable excuse! I used to be so good at knowing what I had and where it was. It seems these days I'm forgetting more and more things, especially when it comes to cooking and ingredients.

James says this may be my new legacy.

So I tell you friends. Check your recipe BEFORE you start to cook. Days before if possible!! It will save you a trip or two to the grocery store!


MC said...

I figure it's just that you have more important/interesting things to remember these days.

My problem is remembering what I need to buy. I often write down grocery lists and forget them at home, or if I'm just going to pick up 2-3 things, I forget what one of them is the moment I set foot in the store... Luckily BR likes grocery shopping with me, so she doesn't complain about repeated trips :)

Katarina said...

that's o.k, I can have the ingredients sitting on the counter and still forget to put them in (I blame it on baking with 4 kids under 4!)