Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tick off Tuesday

Hailey over on Be Serious started composing her own Tick Off Tuesdays and I just had to join in the fun! One day a week we can vent or complain without feeling guilty! Thanks Hailey for sharing in the fun!


My rant comes right out of my neighbourhood. And others around I'm sure. Maybe this is happening in your neighbourhood too.

People are STILL turning on their Christmas lights!!


I don't really know why this bugs me so much, maybe it's the complete disregard for the enormous waste of energy in January and February when the holidays season is well over. Maybe I feel jealous that I still don't have pretty lights (Nope, that's not it). Maybe it's the fact that having lights still up makes me feel like it's December still when I really want it to be June.

I still don't really know why it bugs me so much, but it does.

Now I can appreciate those who celebrate Orthodox Christmas so they keep their trees and lights up to January 6th. I'm ok with that. But last week, January 26th I noticed lights still on. Last night, February 1st, people are STILL turning on their Christmas lights. Do they realize that Christmas is 11 months away still?

We put up our lights when it is still mild, but we don't turn them on until December 1st. Generally I will turn them on each night until January 1st, when they do not get turned on anymore. Granted, I still have my two little deer sitting on my lawn, but that's only because they are frozen into the ground. They do not get turned on! As it turned out, our lights were down by December 28th this year as they got knocked down during some icicle removal, and it was easier to take them down then try to put them back up.

I'm not saying you have to take your lights down (heck, some people keep them up all year round) but please people, don't turn them on in February. It's just depressing then, not festive.


Katarina said...

I agree 100%!!! People here put them up (and turn them on) the day after halloween and many will still be turning them on in March....NOT cool!

MC said...

That is funny. I used to have the opposite problem. You see, the Polish tradition is to put the decorations up on Christmas eve, and leave them up until Feb 2nd. So I used to cringe when seeing everyone light up their houses so early, but I'm slowly getting over it :) I'm still surprised at how fast everything gets taken down - I like that extra splash of colour in the dead of winter! Luckily I think the new LED lights really don't use that much power. But don't get me started on those huge inflatable things...