Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Challenging Myself

I think 2010 is going to be the year of challenging myself to do more for myself. The last two years have been all about the Little Miss, and it's time for some ME time! I just stumbled across a 500 in 2010 Challenge and am considering joining. It is to challenge yourself to complete 500 miles of exercise in 2010. I think I may look for a Canadian Kilometre challenge, but so far I'm loving the idea of something to keep me accountable!

So far for my reading challenge I have completed 2 books!! I am going to look for a way to easily keep track of my progress, but so far here it is:

1. Hell is Other Parents - Deborah C. Kogan
2. The Road - Cormac McCarthy

I have 3 books on the go right now (4 if you count the one I am reading for work, which does count!). I forgot how much I love to read and how relaxing it can be for me.

My last Goal (aka Challenge) for 2010 (so far!) is to become more Organized. ahem... yes I'll admit it, I'm not as organized as I appear to be! I want order in my life. Boxes from the move 2 years ago gone. Everything in A place. So far I've worked on Little Miss' closet, the two closets on the main level, and I've started on the spare room "storage" closet. Seems I've a theme going on here with closets, but that is where all the STUFF ends up! I also want to tackle my clothing (Ahhhhhhh!!!!) as well as my Kitchen (sigh). I have a lot to do, but so far I'm motivated to get things done and not just sit in front of the TV. If I am on the couch, at least I'm reading now!

Here is to a beautiful sunshiney winter day, and new ways to Challenge myself in 2010!

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Jodi said...

Hi Christine! I hopped over here from the 500 in 2010 challenge - please join!

I am Canadian but live in Raleigh, NC now!! I still think in KM... ;) Definitely join the challenge - it has been super motivating!

Some of our best friends in the world live in Stittsville! She is a teacher but I can't remember which school. We were at the Canada Day celebrations last summer in Kanata!! :)