Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Stories

Two funny munchkin stories from last night... well funny to me at least.

So James puts the munchkin down for bed almost every night. He asked me if I wanted to read her stories last night, but my tummy was still all rumbly so let him go ahead with it. About 10 minutes or so later he comes downstairs and we hear quiet. A few minutes later I hear a few sounds over the monitor, but figure she is just chatting with herself. A few minutes later she is calling/crying for daddy.

Off goes James in a slighty perturbed mood, only to get upstairs to have her say "Daddy, somefing in my bed".  Next thing I hear is slapping sounds across the monitor! I can only wonder what is going on up there. "More Daddy" then more slapping sounds!Turns out there were mosquitos in her room, buzzing in her ears and driving her mad (they drive me mad too!)

James comes down a few minutes later looking all victorious and giggling a bit. His first Heroic Daddy Deed complete. Soon it will be "somefing" under the bed, but for now, Daddy is the Mosquito Hero!

Fast forward about 6 hours. We hear cries at 3am that don't subside. Typically she cries out and settles herself back to sleep no problem. James has always been the best one to settle her back down in the night, so off he goes, only to have her want her blanket back on! Remember when I wrote the big Blanket issue? Well for the first time ever, she woke up as she wanted her blanket on her! Hooray!!

No to teach her to just kick off the blanket instead of toss it out of bed, so she can get it back when she wakes up in the middle of the night!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So it was my turn to be sick. Went to bed with a sour tummy and it all went south from there.... it's soooo hot that I only ventured outside to pick the little one up from daycare, then put our swimsuits on and sat in the kiddy pool with cold tap water for an hour. She was entertained and it was relaxing for me.

Still not feeling perfect, but should be able to venture to work tomorrow, seeing as it's an office day and I don't have to teach in the heat until Thursday afternoon.

Will try to post more tomorrow....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a child who doesn't like blankets, or anything for that matter, in her bed. In the past week, we have finally convinced the stubborn two year old that blankets are for big girls, and maybe she should try it out. Her feet will be warm in the morning at least.

Night one she woke up crying and screaming saying she didn't want it. We took it off.

Night two went well. She woke in the morning with the blanket still around her. Same with a few naps.

We've told her that she can take it off anytime she wants, she doesn't have to keep it on.

Last night, 3:44am to be exact. I hear her cry. I run to the door way to hear her say "me no want that" and then it got quiet again. Off to bed I went.

This morning, like other mornings, the blanket was in a heap on the floor. Funny, yes. Annoying, sometimes. Adorable, absolutely! Baby steps with my stubborn two year old. But I'll take it for the cuteness factor!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mothers Day

Well I know i'm sooo late with my Mother's Day bragging, but better late than never!!

Most of you already know that I have the best husband and child a mother and wife could ever ask for, but they clinched it this Mother's Day!

Last year around Mothers Day (it may have been a week or so later, but oh well) we went to a local nursery and outfitted my gardens for the year. It was sunny and beautiful and was going to be tradition.

This year it rained. We decided to run errands instead. Our laptop died the week before and it was time to look for a new one, and groceries needed buying.

I dropped James off at the Best Buy and went to do some groceries. I called him after we snuck to another store to pick up a Father's Day gift for him, to find out where he was. He said Future Shop, so off we went to find him. We get into the store and he waves to us, and strangely enough he is in the camera section talking to a guy. I really don't remember what was said, but the next thing I know I'm holding a body to a Sony a330 and they are staring at me. James looks at me and tells me that it comes with 2 lenses, and it's on sale, and Happy Mother's Day, Anniversary and Birthday!

WHAT?! WOAH! I start to tear right up as I have wanted a digital SLR for as long as I can remember! I start mumbling thank yous and crying and the guy in the store asks how long I've wanted one... "uh, forever" was my mature response.  I still can't believe it's happening!

James is the most awesome person I know. And not just because he listens when I think he's not, and he knows what I want, and he will do what he can to make it happen. I Love him so much and am so proud to be the Mother of his Daughter.

Here is a picture we took of the New Camera with the really old one (I couldn't remember where we'd put the newer pocket camera!!)  If only I could take pictures of the camera with the camera it would be a wicked awesome shot! (but check out the above link and you'll see it from the Sony page)

So expect a lot of really awesome pictures to be coming your way once I figure out all the funky features and fun stuff I'm going to have to learn!

In the meantime, here are a few "teaser pictures!"