Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Ramblings

I haven't felt very motivated to blog these past couple days.

Little Miss always wants "me turn" as soon as mommy grabs the computer, but never when daddy has it. SO FRUSTRATING!

Last night when I was volunteering at the gym I get a phone call from someone on speaker phone. Turns out it was James and the Little Miss. I didn't recognize his voice - cell phone speaker phone totally distorts voices :( but as soon as she started talking I knew who it was, because she was saying her name! Her full name! (well first and last so far!) It was sooooo cute and I had tears in my eyes! He teaches her so many little things like that and it always makes me cry happy tears!

I finally get to teach today. January is such a low time in Outdoor Ed and it will finally start to pick up next week. Hopefully the conditions won't be too icy after the thaw we had this past weekend. I'm just excited to not be in the office all week again. The only good things about office time is that I have time to update my blogs (ahem... on my breaks.... thats it), and read lots. I've been reading a book called Nature's Outcasts about living things we love to hate.

I worked out after the gym last night. Added another 3.7 miles to my total. I won't tell you what I'm at yet as I don't feel it's respectable enough to report for 2 weeks of the challenge! I will report back on the weekend when the results go up on the 500 in 2010 blog!

Have a great week. Hopefully I'll have more blogworthy news soon!

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