Wednesday, January 13, 2010

500 in 2010

Alright People, I've done it! I've signed up for the 500 in 2010 Challenge. That is 500 miles of physical activity. For those of us that don't think in Miles, that is about 804 Kilometres! Wow... now that number sounds a bit scary!! I hope that I will be able to meet my mark, and since I get to walk so much as work, I hope to be able to do it!

You can check out what is going on by clicking on their button, or the link above.

500 in 2010

So there we have it... my two challenges for the year!

Now excuse me while I contemplate going for a ski :)


Jodi said...

ohhh skiing... ohhh. None of that here. No real skiing, anyway...


Have fun - and CONGRATS on signing up!!

Katarina said...

go go go!! hear me cheering you on from the sidelines :) if we lived closer i'd call you up for a walk :)