Friday, April 30, 2010


Well Phoebe was sick most of the day, and once overnight. This morning however she drankd some pedialyte and kept it down. She later ate some plain rice (she picked out the beef!!).

We've left her home today as it will be a short day alone and we feel she is on the mend. Here is hoping there are no surprises for me when I get home!

Big sigh of relief when she ate this morning. Her ears perked up and there was a spring back in her step. I get so worried about her as she is my fur baby.

For those of you that know her, a big sign of normalness for her this morning was that she licked me! She is a big time licker and she licked me and tried to protect me while rough housing this morning! Two big signs for me that she is on the mend.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Another Phoebe post.

She's been sick since sometime last night, and she's got me all worried.

She can't even keep down water. My poor puppy.

I have stayed home to be with her today, so hopefully this will pass and it will just be a stomach bug. Do dogs get stomach bugs?

On another note, blogger is being silly and isn't letting my enter button work very well. How annoying.

Here's hoping the day turns out as bright and sunny as it is outside!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheese Dog?

Does anybody else's dog Love Cheese?

I swear Phoebe can hear the package being taken out of the refrigerator.

She can hear me cutting slices from the block.

And then the whining begins. Oh the incessant whining.

"pleeeeasssse can I have some cheese? I'll be goooooood. I promise."


She lost a pound and a half last year.

It could have been two if it weren't for the cheese!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piggy Tails!

My little miss is finally letting me put Piggy Tails in her hair!

She asks me to do it.

And she will keep them in longer than 15 minutes!!

What a big girl... I mean Ham!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Excuse

I have No Excuse.

I could try.

I've been busy.
Work is insane right now. Even today will be busy, but I found a few minutes to try to get out of the doghouse of not blogging in far too long.
The kiddie is teething .... again.
The dreaded eye teeth have been cutting and she's in so much pain.
She chews on her hands.
She asks for "somefing else" to make her "mouf" stop hurting
She cries out in the night and wakes up early.
We're all tired.

Yet, I have no excuse for not blogging.

So please Excuse me.

I'll try to come around more often

Thanks for understanding dear friends