Thursday, January 14, 2010

6 is not enough...

6 minutes snooze is not enough for me in the morning.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the snooze button. Just not on my alarm clock. Don't get me wrong, I love my Panasonic RC-CD300. Hubby got it from a Panasonic Ideas for Life conference he went to (and I joined him) a few years ago. I was still in school but it was a great retreat for us as it was in Huntsville at Deerhurst Resort! So beautiful and a great time, and good timing as I needed a new clock radio.

It has great sound for it's size, it has two alarms which can be handy (but hey, why do I need two alarms? if you hit snooze long enough it stops bringing the radio on, it just beeps at you!!). I don't like it if I wake up before the alarm though. When you try to turn off the alarm, it beeps really loud and wakes up the hubby anyways. Otherwise it's a great little alarm clock and cd player.

Except for the snooze.

I've had radios that had 9 minutes of snooze. 9 minutes was so perfect. I could actually fall back to sleep and get 5 minutes more rest! With this one I barely get to sleep when I'm woken up again, so I push it about 4 times before I want to get up!

Hubby never used to snooze before he met me. Now, he snoozes as long or sometimes longer than me, like this morning when I was up first and got into the shower. He waits until I'm almost done to get up so he can have his shower.

I think it is just the luxury of snooze that I appreciate now. We finally get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep ourselves, and I want to get up gradually. Mostly gone (for now at least) are the days of being woken every 3 hours, or being up for the day at 5am (I Loathe 5am).

So all I'm saying is - let me sleep please! And let me have a longer snooze... I've earned it!


Crystal said...

Snooze is what gets me through the day :)

Katarina said...

I hit snooze once, then when it goes off the second time I just turn it off, because I'm awake enough at the point that I don't *usually* fall back asleep, but can just rest in bed.