Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tick Off Tuesday - Commentators

Tick off Tuesday comes to you complements of Hailey over at Be Serious.
Thanks for sharing the idea! Join in the fun and take a moment to vent without sounding too *itchy!


Is anyone else watching the Olympics?
More specifically, is anyone watching the Olympics on CTV?

We've been trying to stick to TSN, although they are mostly CTV people anyways, but I must admit, I want CBC back. Someone called the Canadian Snowboarders "Posers" the other day.


Should our commentators really be reverting to slang just so they can seem cool enough to be commentating snowboarding.

I'm a little annoyed.

Lets give us the play by play without the attempt at being young and hip and cool. Because your attempts... they aren't young, hip, or cool.

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