Friday, February 12, 2010


Have you ever tried to Google yourself?
Did you find anything worthwhile?

Have you ever tried to find an old friend via the internet? It's not easy. I've tried.

The other day I was cruising around Facebook and a thought hit me. I wanted to find an elementary school friend.

She was my BEST friend from the moment we met in Grade 6 at a brand new school. I remember it was raining. It always seemed to rain on the first day of school when I was growing up. Despite the fact that I practically lived across the street from the school (there were maybe 6 houses between mine and the school), my mom made me wear rubber boots because it was raining out.

Now, I was never the cool kid, but I figured starting out at a new school I could become the cool kid.
Rubber boots on the first day of school at a brand new school - strike one to cool kid-ness.

The first day of school we were all herded into the gymnasium and grouped together into our new classes. I really am not sure why they did this, but there I was, standing in the gym, in Grade 6, wearing rubber boots. I was soooo embarrassed.

And then she walked up and said Hi to me.

We started talking, and even though we were all "new" to the school, she had just moved from Burlington (about 30 minutes from where we lived in Mississauga), so she was even more new and didn't know anyone either.

We became instant friends!

Fast forward two and half years.

We've been inseparable! She has been such a rock in all my family turmoils for me, and her family is my family too! My family is breaking apart and she is the only one who understands, when her mom tells us that they are moving back to Burlington! Not only are my parents splitting up, but I'm losing my best friend just as we're about to start high school!

We both go on to see old friends at our new high schools (mine in 'sauga, her's in burlington) but we manage to keep in touch. We hang out from time to time but gradually lose touch.
University, marriage, baby, and here we are today, back to me searching out Facebook.

So I decide I want to try to find her, but how? I can't find anything on Google. I can't find her on facebook. So I get sneaky! I try searching out her brother (another common name!) and then her mom. Low and behold I find her mom and she is on her friend list!
Woo Hoo!
I sent a friend request and now I wait.... Will she remember me?
I want to send more information with my request, like the silly little song we used to sing together.

My worry is that she won't know who this "Christine Bull" is.

I was Chrissy Frohich for 21 years.
My facebook picture is my Little Miss (note to self, need to get a decent picture of myself soon!)
Maybe she won't look through my friend list to recognize my parents names.

But, I've done my part.

I've had other friends not respond to friend requests before.
I know I've burned bridges in the past (another post altogether) but I figure we've all grown up and should work past the childish mistakes of our past. Let's not hold grudges. Life is too short for grudges.

Let's reconnect.
Let's Catch up.
Let's be friends again, even if only online.

I miss you guys!

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