Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Stories

Two funny munchkin stories from last night... well funny to me at least.

So James puts the munchkin down for bed almost every night. He asked me if I wanted to read her stories last night, but my tummy was still all rumbly so let him go ahead with it. About 10 minutes or so later he comes downstairs and we hear quiet. A few minutes later I hear a few sounds over the monitor, but figure she is just chatting with herself. A few minutes later she is calling/crying for daddy.

Off goes James in a slighty perturbed mood, only to get upstairs to have her say "Daddy, somefing in my bed".  Next thing I hear is slapping sounds across the monitor! I can only wonder what is going on up there. "More Daddy" then more slapping sounds!Turns out there were mosquitos in her room, buzzing in her ears and driving her mad (they drive me mad too!)

James comes down a few minutes later looking all victorious and giggling a bit. His first Heroic Daddy Deed complete. Soon it will be "somefing" under the bed, but for now, Daddy is the Mosquito Hero!

Fast forward about 6 hours. We hear cries at 3am that don't subside. Typically she cries out and settles herself back to sleep no problem. James has always been the best one to settle her back down in the night, so off he goes, only to have her want her blanket back on! Remember when I wrote the big Blanket issue? Well for the first time ever, she woke up as she wanted her blanket on her! Hooray!!

No to teach her to just kick off the blanket instead of toss it out of bed, so she can get it back when she wakes up in the middle of the night!!

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