Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a child who doesn't like blankets, or anything for that matter, in her bed. In the past week, we have finally convinced the stubborn two year old that blankets are for big girls, and maybe she should try it out. Her feet will be warm in the morning at least.

Night one she woke up crying and screaming saying she didn't want it. We took it off.

Night two went well. She woke in the morning with the blanket still around her. Same with a few naps.

We've told her that she can take it off anytime she wants, she doesn't have to keep it on.

Last night, 3:44am to be exact. I hear her cry. I run to the door way to hear her say "me no want that" and then it got quiet again. Off to bed I went.

This morning, like other mornings, the blanket was in a heap on the floor. Funny, yes. Annoying, sometimes. Adorable, absolutely! Baby steps with my stubborn two year old. But I'll take it for the cuteness factor!

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