Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad Blogger

I know. I've been a bad blogger. I have no excuse.

Last week I was off for two day for Pink Eye. It's all cleared up now. I should have had time then.

We get woken up everyday between 5am and 6am. Usually much closer to 5am than we'd both like. It might be time to buy black out curtains.

Work is drawing to an end. Woo Hoo. Unfortunately, that means all the kids are high strung as they are on a FIELD TRIP in the second to last week of school. CRAZY!

That, coupled with the early mornings, makes for a very tired Mommy, (and Daddy too of course).

Have I mentioned that we're in the Defiant Two's now? No one told me about this stage? She can talk all she wants but her favourite word still seem to be "no" with a little grunt added after for effect.

I'll try to be better soon.
Summer is coming.
Maybe I'll have more time.
Or will take more pictures.

I will try to post more often.
No promises.
But I'll try!

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