Saturday, April 30, 2011

Run Run Run

So a year ago my dad asked me to sign up for the Ottawa Army Run with him, so I signed up for the 5k, thinking "This is the motivation I need to start running again, since I haven't ran in about 10 years!"

3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. So much for the running.

I did walk the Army 5k in 45 minutes (Read more HERE)

Fast forward to March 2011. My Little Man is 2 months old, I have 30 pounds I want to lose, and I need to motivate myself. I registered for a race. What better way to get my @$$ in gear than to register for a race to start training for. The problem is, it is SO hard to train with two little ones and not enough hours or daylight in the day, or enough sunny days (we've had so much rain as so many of us have!)

This morning I woke up pretty excited that here I was going to do a 5k race, and my only goal was to beat my 43 minute time. I get my bib and chip and wander around for a bit wondering what the heck I'm doing racing without training and how am I ever going to finish. Oh well, I'm here now, so lets just do this.

So the race starts and I just go for it. Start with a decent pace and make it to 1km, then 2km before having to walk for a couple minutes to work out a stich. Then all of a sudden there is a water station, then the 3km mark! Holy Moly I'm more than half way! Holy Geez, look at that HILL!. I am so not happy about hills! I trudge up half the hill then stop to walk for a bit. I run the next little bit until I get to the bottom of the next HILL! Come on with the hills people! I walk up that hill, then see the final stretch. I know when I get to the top of the hill I can go all the way (about 800m) So off I go. Once I enter the fairgrounds I can see the finish line and power to the end, where the clock is ticking up to 37 minutes.

I am so proud of myself for setting a personal best! Not sure how I did overall as I rushed home to feed the little guy and not stretch near enough, so pardon me as I painfully unfold myself from the couch and head to bed!

No pictures from the race this time as I went alone, but I'll leave you with one of my two beautiful babes!

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Katarina said...

Way to go Chrissy!!! Proud of you. So when's the next one?!